Hey! My name is Jazmyn. :)

Starting a boutique was not always a dream of mine, in fact, younger me didn’t have much of a passion for anything or any kind of “dream”. For a very long time, I suffered from anxiety and depression which forced me to live in “survival mode”.

I’d always loved fashion and managed to land an amazing job at a local boutique in my hometown. I learned so much working there and absolutely loved my job but I never thought that I’d be capable of running a boutique of my own.

In 2020, I graduated high school and I had so much fear about what was next for me. I knew I didn’t want to go to college so I ended up in cosmetology school. HA! I dropped out of cosmetology school about halfway through and went back to work at the boutique. At this point, I hit a complete brick wall. I felt so defeated, purposeless, and confused. I did not understand why I didn’t feel passionate about anything like other people did.

When I returned back to work, I became a manager and completely fell in love with the boutique world. In this time, The Lord delivered me from depression and anxiety and He gifted me a burning passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. Christ rescued me from living a life full of fear, shame, and anxiety. I gave everything to Him and He completely transformed my life, guiding each step for Eliora Boutique to happen. It took years, lots of patience, hard work, and prayer yet here we are! God is so good!

Through Eliora, I hope that women can feel inspired, empowered, encouraged, confident, and stand firm in knowing that they are beloved children of God. Happy shopping, friends!


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